Dr. Elisabeth Lukas


Meaning-centered Psychotherapy
consistent with the principles outlined by
Viktor E. Frankl, MD

Concept of Human Beings
and Methods in Logotherapy

Translation by
Theodor Brugger

This is an English translation of the original German edition of "Lehrbuch der Logotherapie" published by Profil Verlag Munich Germany. License to publish is given with kind permission.

Copyright Elisabeth Lukas.

Table of Contents Translator's Note Introduction
Preface Foundation of Logotherapy

"In the first major section Dr. Lukas explains clearly what qualities are specifically human. In the second section, “Dialogue Forms in Logotherapy,” she shows the respect for words and word meanings that has always been associated with Dr. Frankl and Dr. Lukas. The third section is Dr. Lukas at her best, that is, as a world-class counselor sharing her treatment methods. Her creative, compassionate spirit is evident. So are her surprising techniques.

Theodor Brugger has worked hard to be faithful to Dr. Lukas’s thoughts, even to her words. He has worked just as hard to make the translation clear to the English readers. Logotherapy is about making meaningful achievements in the face of difficulties. Mr. Brugger’s translation is, in itself, a remarkable achievement. We will use LOGOTHERAPY: A Textbook, with gratitude at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, in our Intermediate Logotherapy classes and in our Advanced Class. It represents an addition of the first order to the English literature in logotherapy now available because it is highly useful to practitioners who want to give the most effective treatment, based on a sound view of human beings."

    Dr. Paul Welter, Diplomate in Logotherapy

"I think that English speaking logotherapists will have much interest in reading Dr. Lukas' textbook. They will find that it is true to her many presentations at the World Congress of Logotherapy and other professional forums.

Thank you for the opportunity to have access to this important book."

    Robert Hutzell, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist and Editor of International Forum for Logotherapy